Tungsten Jika Rig 1/8 oz 3/16 oz 1/4 oz | 2 Piece
Tungsten Jika Rig 1/8 oz 3/16 oz 1/4 oz | 2 Piece
Tungsten Jika Rig 1/8 oz 3/16 oz 1/4 oz | 2 Piece
Tungsten Jika Rig 1/8 oz 3/16 oz 1/4 oz | 2 Piece
Tungsten Jika Rig 1/8 oz 3/16 oz 1/4 oz | 2 Piece

Tungsten Jika Rig 1/8 oz 3/16 oz 1/4 oz | 2 Piece

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The Jika rig is a new bass rig technique for using soft plastics while bass fishing. This new method was originally developed in Japan, and it is the perfect setup for targeting both largemouth bass and smallmouth bass.

The number one reason you should try Nako Tungsten Jika Rig is that the sensitivity it gives you when bottom fishing. Nako Tungsten Jika Rig equip a high quality tungsten weight, which offers 2X more sensitive than lead weights, providing you a precise feel as to what kind of bottom you are fishing.

Nako Tungsten Jika Rig is also the preferred method for fishing in heavy vegetation. They are able to punch through the aquatic grass and get your bait down to the bottom. Use this rig to punch through any type of grass or heavy vegetation like hydrilla, lily pads, milfoil or other matted grass. The smaller profile gives it a smaller area and mass getting it through the grass quicker.

  • The Skinny Design - The skinny design makes the fishing weight easier to pull thru rocks, weeds, or brush with fewer hang ups.
  • Equipped with Nako Offset Shank EWG Worm Hook 9203
  • 50% smaller profile than lead weights - Tungsten is denser than lead and therefore much more compact and offer better signal on underwater objects.
  • The size printed on the weight - Easy to find the weight when fishing, most customers love this feature.


Weight Hook Size Quantity
1/8 oz #1, #1/0, #2/0 2 Piece
3/16 oz #1, #1/0, #2/0 2 Piece
1/4 oz #2/0, #3/0, #4/0 2 Piece
3/8 oz #3/0, #4/0 2 Piece

Due to its high cost, many anglers have not experienced the advantages of fishing with tungsten. Unfortunately, most are still using lead tackle which is underperforming and potentially toxic. Nako understands this and aims to be the solution for this situation.

A new face in the fishing industry, Nako promotes the use of tungsten weights and the concept of a lead-free system. In order to eliminate lead tackle by reducing tungsten costs, Nako holds our manufacturing facility near a tungsten mine in China.

The density of lead is 0.410 lb/in3 but tungsten has a density of 0.70 lbs/in3. Compared with the same weight of lead, tungsten is almost half the size. As soon as you try this level of increased underwater sensitivity, you will never want to use lead again.

Tungsten vs Lead


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