Tungsten Weights is the Future in fishing!

Tungsten Weights is the Future in fishing!

One of the newest and best innovations in the fishing space is the development of tungsten weights. 

Traditionally, fishing weights have been bulky, steel, cheaply made, and not very good. The most commonly used fishing weights is lead made, because lead metal is cheap and tough. However, the biggest disadvantage is that the lead is harmful for the human body and the environment.

So people tried to find a metal to replace lead in fishing area. Fortunately, we have tungsten! Tungsten is a rare metal that is one of the toughest materials on Earth.  

As a kind of rare metal, tungsten is commonly used in medical and military field. When Tungsten shotted into the fishing market, the old fishing experience is changed. Tungsten can be heavier but be in a smaller profile because of its density. The density of lead is 11.35 g/cm3, but the density of tungsten is 19.3 g/cm3, almost twice density. So the tungsten weights has super sensitivity in fishing.

Someone may say that the tungsten is rare metal, it should be much more expensive than the lead. Nako knew that the price may be the only obstacle for the development of tungsten weights. We tried to get close to the mining of tungsten ore and build our own manufactory, that's why the tungsten products from Nako is the best price. Check The Price

Nako will keep promoting the tungsten weights in fishing, we believe that the tungsten weights will replace the traditional lead weights in the future in fishing!

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