The Importance of Colors in Fishing

The Importance of Colors in Fishing

Many anglers may wonder if colors actually matter when it comes to fishing. After all, as long as the lure looks good who cares what color it is? This has been disproven, however, and different colors of fishing lures, lines, and even weights can have a major effect on your success.

Its been proven that fish can see various colors. In fact, their eyes are surprisingly similar to our eyes. So it only makes sense that colors do affect how a fish reacts to your fishing gear. And while things like lures and baits have always been available in a large variety of different colors, the other items in your tackle box haven’t always been. Something that is most often used such as a fishing weight has usually always come in the same basic color: a shiny silver. That’s not to say this doesn’t bring some success, but having more options when it comes to color can bring about more versatility and bites while out on the water.

And if color is so important in fishing, then why aren’t things like your fishing weights made in different colors? Luckily, they are now!

Nako is dedicated to not only creating the world’s greatest tungsten fishing baits, but also making them as versatile as possible. This means giving you more options when it comes to different colors to take your fishing to the next level. Now available in black, silver, and green pumpkin color, you can ensure even your fishing weights will work in conjunction with the rest of your fishing rig.

The traditional silver color that fishing weights is generally best used in dark or murky water as it contrasts well against the dark water. If the water is clear, however, a silver fishing lure is not your best option. Instead, a black or pumpkin green will help blend in with the lure and look much more natural. Clear water allows fish to see everything much better, and can pick out the discrepancies with your lure or bait in contrast to your weight color. By using a darker weight color, you can help it look much more natural in the clear water and lighting.

The key to successful fishing is to be as versatile as possible. This is why so many anglers bring along so many different lures in all different colors. Now you can do the same with your tungsten fishing weights and have more options when you hit the water. Depending on the conditions, you can pick and choose the best color to work in conjunction with your bait or lure and get more fish to bite. If you want to take your fishing game to the next level, check out the new colors now available from Nako for the best tungsten fishing weights in the world!

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