Nako is Happy to Announce a New Partnership with

Nako is Happy to Announce a New Partnership with

We here at Nako are pleased to announce a new partnership between our company and the Bass Resource ( is the oldest and largest independent bass fishing site in the world. Established in 1996, they are the most comprehensive bass fishing website to ever exist. We know our customers and followers will be excited to see us work closely with another company such as this, and your support and partnership mean the world to us. We are extremely happy to be working closely with such an icon in the fishing industry and hope that you will be just as excited as we are! 

We believe this partnership is perfect for Nako. Nako is the industry leader in producing high-quality fishing lures and weights. We have revolutionized the way bass anglers use fishing weights and are bringing the benefits of tungsten weights to the community. From better performance to helping the environment, we are paving the way to create a new normal when it comes to high-quality fishing weights. This is just another reason why we are so excited to be partnering with BassResource, as it will allow us to share our amazing products with even more dedicated anglers. 

Of course, our partners over at BassResource support and believe in our products, and our goals are the same. The mission of BassResource is to help bass anglers become better at the sport we all love, which is exactly our mission and goal here at Nako. Together, we can give bass anglers the proper tools, gear, techniques, and information that they need in order to better catch fish and be the most effective angler that they can be while out on the water. 

With this brand new partnership, our customers can expect to see more in-depth details and reviews of our amazing products on’s website. A quick view of their extensive and amazing website will show you that they only work with other fishing companies that are committed to bettering the environment and skills of the anglers who enjoy it. This powerful partnership will ensure that our customers will be able to see just how great our products truly are. From our tungsten fishing weights that are exceptionally better than lead weights to our lifelike and truly realistic lures and swim baits, Nako products will help BassResource show even more people just how amazing fishing can be. 

It is not every day that two great companies that are committed to the same goals can partner up and help others, but Nako and BassResource are leading the way in showing others how a great partnership should be. We truly hope that all of our customers are as excited as we are with this announcement, and hope that everyone can find value in this powerful partnership! 

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