Give a Man a Fish…

Nako is all about enjoying the great outdoors – but we are aware of our responsibility to keep it great.

We are always looking for initiatives by which we can ensure the sustainability of our environment, helping you leave things just as you found them for future generations.
Our mission is to let our users unwind with a clear conscience – and so here are some of the steps and pledges we have taken…

Lead-Free Products…

All of Nako’s fishing products are lead free!

Lead usage in fishing tackle is harmful to the environment. It poisons the water supply, contaminates bait-boxes, can be fatal to birds and other fauna, and is detrimental to the health of young children. As a result of these growing concerns, a movement has emerged, led by the Center for Biological Diversity, to curtail the use of lead based products.

With this in mind, and to ensure the safety of the environment and your family, Nako has pioneered affirmative action to ensure our supply-chains are responsible, conscientious, and eco-friendly.

Instead, we use Tungsten based products in our baits, hooks and lures. Not only does Tungsten have none of the environmental drawbacks of lead, but it outstrips it in performance – producing greater sound underwater to attract a catch than lead based products, as well as being smaller, denser and easier to use.

Nako's Tungsten Weights is a special gift for you and your family. Cast out with Nako Tungsten Weights, your fishing experience will be better than before.

Nako – clear your conscience.