Fishing Weights Every Angler Needs

Fishing Weights Every Angler Needs

Fishing weights are one of the most essential pieces of gear in any angler’s arsenal. But as important as they are, many fishermen are not familiar with modern fishing weights' various types and materials. New materials such as tungsten take their performance to the next level, while special sizes and shapes are optimized for specific fishing tasks.

Types of Fishing Weights

There are various different types of fishing weights that every angler should have in their tackle box, each with its own special benefits and uses. Here is a quick rundown of some of the most popular and essential types of fishing weights:

Worm Weights

Flipping Weights

Drop Shot Weights

Barrel Weights

Nail Weights

All of these different types of fishing weights play a critical role in allowing you to fish in any situation and with any type of lure. From weights that work well with plastic worms to those that are better used with live bait, having a variety of different styles and sizes of weights is key to becoming a master fisherman.

Fishing weights not only come in different shapes and sizes but materials as well. While lead is a popular option, it is quickly becoming obsolete thanks to the superior performance and environmentally safe attributes of tungsten.

Why Use Tungsten?

Tungsten steel is the best material for lead fishing weights. It is denser than lead so it is heavier even in smaller sizes. For example, a single ¼-ounce tungsten weight will actually be smaller in size and profile than that of a ¼-ounce lead sinker. With a smaller weight, you can make longer and more accurate casts with your lures.

Tungsten is also much harder than lead, so it is much better at allowing you to feel the bottom and structure with your weight and lure. This heightened sensitivity helps you to more easily detect a bite when a fish strikes. When it strikes an object, you are better able to feel it through your fishing line. It also makes a very distinct sound, alerting you to objects that you can’t otherwise see.

Lastly, tungsten is much more environmentally friendly than lead. It will not poison habitats or wildlife, mainly waterfowl. Lead weights pose a hazard for local waterfowl, as they will often eat pieces of lead weights that will then cause lead poisoning. With tungsten, however, this does not happen. Tungsten weights are obviously superior to lead, and luckily there are many great options for these amazing fishing weights out on the market today.

Why You Need a Tungsten Weight Kit

With so many options for fishing weights out there, it can often be confusing to know which ones to get and use. Luckily you can find complete kits that include a variety of different tungsten weights in different sizes. But why do you really need a kit? Wouldn’t it make more sense to just get the weights you need? There are actually many different advantages to a weight kit that make them well worth it.

Getting a kit will ensure that you have tungsten weights for every situation and fishing rig. The large variety of different styles and sizes means that no matter where you are or what you are doing, you will most likely have the right type and size of weight that you need for the situation. You will also have multiple of each, so you never have to worry about running out of the right tungsten weight for the job!

Another benefit of a weight kit is the cost savings you get. Buying weights separately can add up quite fast, while an entire kit allows you to not only have more to choose from but save money in the process. All of these different benefits let you see that it really is worth getting a kit for your next fishing trip, especially when it comes to tungsten weights!

The Best Tungsten Fishing Weight Kit

So where do you find tungsten fishing weight kits? Many places sell tungsten weights but few actually do so in entire kits. Luckily great companies like Nako not only sell high-quality tungsten weights but do so in kits that include many pieces, all neatly organized in a Daiwa Terminal tackle box. With a 170-piece option and a 350-piece option, you can finally have the tungsten fishing weight kit that comes with all of the fishing weights you could ever want or need.

These amazing kits come equipped with all of the popular models of fishing weights, including tungsten worm weights, barrel weights, flipping weights, nail weights, skinny drop shot weights and teardrop shot weights. All of these weights come in various sizes and are neatly organized in the included tackle box to allow for quick and easy access while out fishing.

Nako strives to provide its customers with the best fishing gear in the world, and this weight kit proves it. Not only will you get all of the added benefits of using a fishing weight kit that we previously talked about, but you will get to experience the difference that fishing with high quality tungsten weights can make.

You can check out this amazing tungsten fishing weight kit from Nako. For all of your high-quality fishing gear needs, Nako has your back. From tungsten weights to baits, jigs, and lures, they will ensure you have everything you need for your next fishing adventure!

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