Nako Craw Soft Bait 3.5" 4pk
Nako Craw Soft Bait 3.5" 4pk

Nako Craw Soft Bait 3.5" 4pk

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The Nako Crawfish bait is designed to be your most commonly used soft bait.


  • Ultra Durable
  • Crawfish Like Action
  • Good for bass fishing


Quantity Length Weight
4 3.5 in/ 90mm 0.35 oz/ 10g

Due to the expensive price, many anglers have not tried the awesome tungsten fishing, they still fish with the underperforming and toxic lead tackles. Nako understands this and determines to end this situation.

As a new brand, Nako insists on the lead-free concept and promotes tungsten weights in fishing. To eliminate lead tackles and cut down the price of tungsten, Nako holds his manufactory near the tungsten mine in China that releases a lot of costs.

The density of lead is 0.410 lb/in3 but tungsten has a density of 0.70 lbs/in3. Compared with the same weight of lead, tungsten is almost half smaller. Once you‘ve tried this 2X underwater sensitivity in fishing, you will never use lead again.

Tungsten vs Lead

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